My Birthday, Toronto, April 2008

For the last four years I have organized my birthday party around karaoke singing. I am a big fan of karaoke and have my own machine (thanks to my parents). The first two years we all went to a bar with a DJ. However, I got a bit fed up with the sophomoric humour of the DJ and realized I could use an on campus cafe free. This worked so well last year that I decided to do it again this year. I invited friends from various facets of my life (with the help of facebook, but most of the people who came were from my department at UofT.

Here is a group shot from the middle of the evening, when I realized I had forgotten to take pictures.

Lots of people

Same people from a different angle.

Another angle on the same situation.

Sebastian and Brigit

We have around the table (starting at the bottom and going clockwise), Mike Thicke, Ernest Ho, Victor Boantz, Brian Leung, Isaac Record, Mark Lawerence, Keynyn Bryce, Pam Olley (my mom), and Anthony Kulic. Meanwhile, my friends Sebastian and Brigit find out how hard it is to sing a song, with only a lyric sheet and not following the bouncing ball on a screen.

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Here Brigit and Keynyn are at the mike, singing "Working for the Weekend." Mark Lawrence is in the background.

The difficult part of Karaoke.

Here Isaac is looking over what I had in my collection. Brian does not do Karaoke.

Here's mud in your eye.

Here my mom gives her regards and Mike and Anthony are talking about something...

The girl with Kalidescope eyes...

My mom singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

West Virginia County Momma...

Isaac and I, singing something from John Denver, not very well unfortunately.

Thank God I'm a Country Boy...

Life on the farm...

In the first one I have ducked down to adjust something, I think we were all singing John Denver. That is my Dad Richard Olley on the right.

Who could ask for more

I believe this is my mom and dad singing "When I'm Sixty-Four."

I could have danced all night...

Here we are again...

My mom was singing something but I forget what. It made me want to dance though.

A pause

I think my dad was singing a duet with my mom again...

Feel the music

Oh yeah...

What can I say, when I feel the music I have to move.

The Hills are Alive...

We are definetly singing something from the Sound of Music, but I am not sure if it is "My Favourite Things" or "The Sound of Music." I did not know those songs as well as I thought.

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