Here find photos of my recent trip to Pittsburgh for an academic conference. The ending was more excitement than I needed.

Here find the pictures from my last birthday party.

In the fall of 2006 I went to Europe to give a talk at a conference in Krakow Poland and also to visit family in England. I used a series of disposable cameras to take many pictures of this and over the past two years I managed to digitize them all. Now you can see a selection of my pictures here.

Allan with hair
sticking up

Well this is me, having a bad hair day. I think I kind of look like a Japanese cartoon character.

Allan after ride for heart

Here I am after completing a 50 km Bike Ride, as part of the annual Ride for Heart in 2006. I thought it was about time you had at least one more picture of me.

My plastic dragon. My plastic
dragon all lit up.

These are two pictures of my plastic dragon, complete with internal LED lights that shift between colours. I got it in the mail around September 23rd, 2007. The lights really don't illuminate it in a very striking manner, but I like it. Also, my camera takes a really long exposure in low light. Long enough that the colours of the lights change during the time the photo is taken. So the colours are distinct at the light source, not the washed out white seen in the photo.

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