Krakow, Poland, September 2006

First we see me getting ready to give my talk. I am in a suit and standing in the court yard of the historic College Maius, alma mater of Nicolas Copernicus. Also, I am being attacked by a giant thumb.

Beware the thumb

Next we see me as I prepare to actually give my talk. Note that I eschew the modern complexities of power point and instead employ the old reliable means of overhead transparencies.

Allan presenting his paper

The biggest tourist draw of the College is the elaborate clock that on the hour activates a little show of various wooden figures. If you look closely at this picture you can see some of the figures come out.

College Maius clock striking the hour

One of the events during the conference was visiting the Krakow airplane museum. In the following pictures see various learned scholars examining old propeller planes, German rocket parts and myself standing in front of a spitfire. I was under the mistaken impression my grandfather flew them in the war. Actually he flew other planes but not spitfires.

They try not to reconstruct planes here with
anything less than authentic parts

So these are rocket engines unfortunately I have
forgotten which is the V1 and which the V2

Note my stylish conference bag

On my last day in Poland I wandered around a bit. I was interested to discover a park filled with busts of famous Poles from throughout history. As an historian of science I just had to take a picture of this one of Marie Curie.

Discoverer of Polonum

I spent a my time in Krakow near the historic market square, the largest in medieval Europe. Here are two pictures. In the first you can see how the square is now populated by more modern diversions and the tower that dominates the square. In the second you can see a close up large tower with the head of an old statute in the foreground. I am standing next to the head, however the head and I are obscured by poor lighting. My friend Mike Zawadowski took the picture.

They like smaller cars in Poland

I really am in this picture

Hopefully I will add my pictures from England in future weeks

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