Allan Donald George Olley

aka: Saint George's Dragon

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How do you describe thought given form, magic incarnate, the music of the cosmos playing on a kazoo. Saint George's Dragon has no fixed form rather he is body is evershifting from one draconic form to another. However the most common is that of the cl assic European winged or wingless dragon (ie hulking big four-legged lizard) and his most common colouring is purple with pink polka dots.

He is also, known to assume the human form of Allan Olley, currently a graduate student doing a Phd at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Email address:
Homepage location: 404 Found
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Favorite Ultima: Ultima 8

UDIC Services Provided:

I maintain my Ultima webpage including Thirith Dragon's Linguistics paper on rgcu-d.

Qualified to assist in the playing of the following games:

Ultima 1-4 and 8, and Akalabeth.

Titles, Awards, and Societies:

Official UDIC Award: Original Despot of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter.
A founding memeber of the Cinnaguard, an informal group of rgcud contributors forming a quasi-neutral third party in various pie wars.
Promoted by Money Dragon to Captain in the Cinnaguard.
Proclaimed a Weirdo by Samurai Dragon due to advocacy of Pico in the face of a text editor debtate.

Can be found haunting:

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