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Welcome to Allan Olley's home page at the University of Toronto.

Why the name? When I first started web surfing I was often confronted by the error message 404 Not Found. I decided on that day 404 would be found and it would be displayed to the world!

See my statement of intentions for more details:

If you want to see my work go to the writings section.

Well, now have more on this site than I did on the Brock one.

I have a couple of other on-line fronts including a livejournal account (that only updates once or twice a year if that since 2011). I am active on facebook account. I try to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date. Also, I make an occassional blog post to the IT History Society Blog.

To see what is new check out my update page.

Check out my resume.

Also, see my pictures:

Check out my family history page to learn about a few notable Olleys.

Want to buy me something nice then check out my wish list:
Wish List.

Interested in my computer game related exploits check out my Ultima page:
Ultima Found .

Check out my survey of lieing on surveys:

An exchange I had with a group dedicated to the destruction of humankind:
Save Mankind

Of course what would a web page be without links to other sites? So check out my links page:

Reach me at allan.olley@utoronto.ca.

Last Updated May 2, 2016.

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Please use the information and files on this site for good and never for evil.