Wish List

Well my family often complains they don't know what to get me. This is mostly for them. So if you want to buy me a gift and need some ideas here would be a place to start.

A good place to start looking would be my wish list at Amazon.com. I maintain a wish list at that site of some books, CDs and DVDs I would not mind getting. The link should work but otherwise search for either "Allan Olley" or "allan_olley@yahoo.ca" to find my wishlist. I used to maintain multiple wish lists but found that people would buy me the same gift at Christmas or my birthday, so now pretty much everything is at amazon.com (there is one item a digital to analog plus PVR device that is on my amazon.ca list, my impression was that the different brands are for sale in Canada and the US hence I am keeping both up for people who find one type of money or the other easier to deal with). If you buy it from somewhere else, please knock it off the amazon wishlist to prevent duplication.

There are few other places on-line to get me stuff. you could get me is stuff from PhdComics. I have three books, but there is now a fourth book and two movies, T-shirts and the like are also good.

Thanks to my Brother and Sister-in-law, I now own the first four season of one of my favourite current TV shows: Mythbusters but do not have later shows or the original pilot (or the original Shark week special).

Please do not try to bribe me with gifts.


Reach me at allan.olley@utoronto.ca.

Last Updated July 13, 2015.