My name is Genevieve Cooke, Iā€™m 24 years old, have lived in Guelph, Sudbury and St. Thomas Ontario as well as Vancouver B.C. and currently reside in Toronto On. I have a certificate in photography from Ryerson University and am currently in second year CCIT at the University of Toronto, specializing in Visual Culture and Communication. CCIT appealed to me because I have always been interested in all forms of media, particularly visual media. In my spare time I enjoy taking pictures, for personal use as well as for band press kits and portfolios for friends. I love to travel and have done so extensively in North America, Central America and the Carribbean. Although I have not had the chance yet to explore Europe ā€“ outside of France ā€“ I am planning to do so sometime in the (hopefully near) future. I spend much time reading as I enjoy all genres of literature. For the past six years I have bartended/ waitressed and enjoy the hospitality industry, its many opportunities for social networking and meeting interesting people.

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