Michael Groechenig
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I'm interested in problems in arithmetic geometry related to: Higgs bundles, p-adic or motivic integration, algebraic K-theory. Most of my research is devoted to finding arithmetic approaches to problems in geometry. Homotopy theory also plays an important role in my work. You can hear me talk about my research here.
I'm an associate professor at the University of Toronto, in 2022 I was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan fellowship. Previously I was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow in the group of Hélène Esnault at FU Berlin. Before that I was a Chapman fellow at Imperial College, and before that I was Tamas Hausel's student at the University of Oxford.
A summary of my research can be found here.


Teaching/Notes: Algebraic stacks (TCC) Complex manifolds Adelic methods in geometry (with O. Braunling). De Rham epsilon factors. Algebraic geometry: arithmetic techniques.
Online workshops: Higgs bundles and related topics K-theory and related topics

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