Han. Xiao (Margaret)

PhD Candidate

Faculty of Forestry
University of Toronto.
Supervisor: Prof. Shashi Kant
Research Area: Forest Economics and Policy

interested fields
  • Forest Industrial Competitiveness
  • Forest Products Trade
  • Forest Tenure and Property Right
  • Forestry Policy.

I believe that what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.


Market and Institutional Structures, Economic Welfare and the Global Competitiveness of the Canadian Forest Industry

The main objectives of the research are:

(i) to develop an understanding of markets and institutional structures, which includes government policies related to different forest products;

(ii) to examine the impact on the economic wellbeing of Canadians...


Seize the day, for fleeting youth never returns.

I'm on my way

Life is not a checklist of acquisitions or achievements. It is far more complicated and unexpected than that. I never intended to pursue a Ph.D. degree in forest economics and policy until I went through the past seven years and..

Growing up and Stronger

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