Videos of lectures

"Operatic Degeneration and Regeneration: The Last Creative Years of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi" The Institute for Life Course and Aging, U of Toronto, March 22, 2006.

"Benjamin Britten: Disability, Aging, and Cognition" , Institute for the Life Course and Aging, U of Toronto, March 5, 2008

Interviews with Linda and Michael Hutcheon

Radio Active, CBC, Edmonton, March 1995.

Canadian Medical Association Journal 154.6 (March 15, 1996), 921-3.

Saturday Night Opera, Classical 96.3 FM with Cathy Belyea, May 1996.

The Opera Show, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 1996.

The Arts Tonight, CBC radio, May 1996.

Performing Arts, National Public Radio (US), October 1996.

Family Practice Magazine, November 1996.

"Morningside", with S. Rodgers, one hour (interview & music selection), May 1997.  Nebraska Public Radio, 1-hour show on opera and medicine, April, 1999.)

“Roundtable on Interdisciplinarity,” for Mosaic 35.2 (2002): 1-21 (with Dawne McCance, Michael Hutcheon, Sander Gilman, Helen Tiffin)

KPFA, Berkeley CA, May 2004.

Wisconsin Public Radio, “To the Best of Our Knowledge” show, August 2004.

Iowa Public Radio, October 2004

New York Public Radio, “Soundcheck” show, December 2004.

Rampike, with Kurt Jirgins, 16.1 (2007).