Hi, I'm Jessie

I'm a second year Chemical Engineering student at the Univeristy of Toronto.

Scroll on if you want to read about my life...

During school time I live in Toronto, other times I'm mostly likely to be found in Shanghai, so yeah, I master the art of 14 hour flights.

I could literally be doing anything right now, but sleeping is a good bet. Yes, even if it's currently .

I am interested in (and curious about)... practically anything, Chemistry, Philosophy, History, Politics, Pscychology... you name it.

Sorry, Jessie's curiosity cannot be turned off.

pic of meA picture of me, narcissistically writing out my name with a flash light. Yellowknife, 2016.

I consider myself a fast learner and immensely enjoy the process of learning.

I'm fueled by curiosity and weird ideas pop up in my head constantly. I carry out some of these impulses as a way to learn different things. For example, building the website you're seeing right now helped me learn things about web developement.

Before the completion of this website, a small portion of my personal projects currently reside in my so called blog.

I'm an avid soccer (or preferrably, football) fan, especially the English Premiere League. That is only one of my ever-expanding list of hobbies. I am also to an extent, a textbook definition of a "Jill of all trades". To the right are the things that are, or were, at some point of my life hobbies of mine.(ok I admit some of them don't make that much sense. Like, seriously, sleeping?)

hobbies of mine