Hi there, my name is Jessie

A third year chemical engineering student at the University of Toronto

I consider myself a fast-learner and immensely enjoy the process of learning (about anything, really).
Being a naturally curious homo sapiens, I have quite a lot of hobbies, for example: sleeping.

I learn by coming up with little projects to challenge myself, including the site you're seeing right now. I am in the process of building a page to better showcase them, for now, you can find bits and pieces in my blog.

Feel free to reach out if you think there's a position that'd be a good fit for me, have any questions, or just want to chat!

You're probably not reading this yet.

Apologies! This section is still under construction.

If you want to learn about what I've done, you can read about in my blog in more details, but here's the gist.

  • Arduino-Based Spectrometer
  • Description: Using a high CRI lightsource, the light is diffracted, passed through a sample and the intensity change of a certain wavelength is recorded by a light sensor. Cost of entire system kept under $50. Tags: Arduino, Processing, Soliworks, Fusion360, MATLAB
    • V1: Servo controls the angle of diffraction therefore wavelength. Sensor is a LDR(light dependant resistor) + amplifiers. Cardboard casing.
    • Some calculations done in MATLAB, 3D CADing done in Solidworks, software wrote in Processing.
    • V2: Everything 3D-printed(using my own DIY printer), CADing done in Fusion360, light source is a halogen bulb with fan cooling, sensor is a linear CCD, software not yet written.
  • Auto Plant Watering System
  • Description: Reads the humidity of the plant, controls a pump/valve to water the plant if the humidity is low. Tags: Arduino, MIT App Inventor, Lua, NodeMCU, IOT
    • V1: Arduino reads a value from humidity sensor and compares to set value. Controls a relay hooked to a pump and a water bucket. Can be controlled via bluetooth in Android app developed with MIT App Inventor.
    • V2: Now using NodeMCU, everything online through Lewei IOT platform, can be controlled via Wechat. Instead of a pump, now the relay is connected to a valve on the water tap, saves lot of refilling energy.
  • DIY 3D Printer
  • Description: Based on the open source design of Prusa i3, scavenged the parts from Chinese shopping sites, built a 3D printer costing under $150.
    • Uh... It works... I'm not able to measure the EXACT accuracy, but I assume somewhere ~0.1mm.(Based on observation of various other printers I've came into contact with)
  • This Site
  • I guess this one is not too interesting... It's sweet self-taught(like every other skill I have) HTML+CSS+JavaScript. Ok I admit this one is sort of a place-holder.
    p.s. There's a V1 as well... look at the bottom of the nav bar.
  • Autonomous Sumo Robot
  • My introduction to the UofT Robotics Association
    • Sheet metal chasis, arduino core with two motors, two line sensors and one IR sensor. Coded to autonomously push the other robot out of the arena.
    • Works but not too effective, unfortunately only made to the second round.