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I am currently a ph.d. student at the university of toronto, canada in dr. marie-josee fortin's lab. Broadly, I am interested in the influence of global changes on the persistence of species. My ph.d. work is focused on understanding the influence of climate changes on migratory birds. My work involves spatial modelling at multiple scales of analysis and includes developing mechanistic process-based models that integrate temporal climate dynamics with population demographic models. I also am working on developing approaches for conservation planning that take spatial and temporal dynamics into account, again with an emphasis on migratory species.

professional committees

Society for Conservation Biology


I am also an active member of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and have been an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Toronto Local Chapter of the SCB for the past 2 years. I currently hold the Conservation Chair position. One aspect of my role is to organize our monthly discussions 'Conservation Conversations', which are meant to be informal discussions of a topical and potentially controversial conservation issue. Check out the Chapter Events page for upcoming topics, dates, and location. As a general rule we aim to hold the discussions on the last wednesday of the month. I am also the webmaster for our Local Chapter site.