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Lunar Login


Lunar Login is a free password service for small websites. It lets you give only certain people access to web pages or files. The unique design means that the private web pages, and all login data, remains on your website only. Lunar login simply allows the people with the correct password to see the private files.

Imagine this: On the left side of your home page (or wherever you want), you click on the "Registered User" link. Next, you see the attractive Lunar Login screen ( View now! ). You type in your user name and a numerical code. (both of your own choice). If you are who you say you are, you are magically whisked back to your website, into a secret folder, where you have already put a secret web page or files.

Each user will have their own special directory (folder) on your website. (You might choose to just use one directory for everyone. In this case, everyone would use the same user name and code). You will be given a special encoded string (a different one for each username). You must make a directory on your site with that name, and place the secure files in it.

Note: Login on a computer allows access from that computer in the future until browser's URL history is cleared. Avoid logging in on public computers!

Take a peek at the login screen that you would use.

Begin setup. The necessary information will be calculated.

Already installed? Add new user.

Last updated 2005.09.28