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Prof. Jaroslav Skira

Studying Eastern Christianity


If you're interested in studying about the Christian East at Regis College, see our Eastern Christian Studies Program.




Introducing Eastern Christianity
- Slide Presentations -

Below are two talks that were presented at the World Youth Day celebrations in Toronto in 2002. They give a brief overview of the history and theology of Eastern Christianity.


"The Dialogue of Love: Catholic-Orthodox Ecumenism."
(given July 24, Exhibition Place).

WYD Dialogue of Love Powerpoint presentation

This talk will begin with a short historical overview of the history of the relations between the various Orthodox and Catholic churches. Some brief information will be given regarding the various churches that make up the Eastern Christian tradition, which include the Assyrian, Oriental and Byzantine rites. The final section of the talk will focus on modern ecumenical relations between the Orthodox and Catholic churches.


"The Roots of Eastern Christian Theology:
Saints, Bishops & Theologians."
(given July 26, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church).

Roots of Eastern Theology Powerpoint presentation

This talks will introduce participants to the various figures that have shaped the Eastern Christian tradition, from the early apostolic church right up to modern times. Some brief biographical details of each figure will be provided. The goal is to provide a very broad overview of the theology and spirituality of various saints, bishops and theologians.




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