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This page provides basic information on written assignments, and provides some resource materials for beginning to research in early church history and historical theology.


General Essay Requirements

Some course may have specific requirements, so please be sure to consult the syllabus you receive in class.


1. Research Essays must include a title page, an introductory/thesis paragraph, the main body of text (ideas, arguments, critique), endnote or footnotes, a concluding/summary paragraph, and a bibliography. The research essays are composed of synthesis and critical analysis of a theme/idea/event in systematic theology and/or historical theology, and are presented from an objective point of view. The level of discourse for research essays is "systematic theology." All written work is to be typed and double-spaced, and is based in 12 pt. font.

Students may wish to consult the guide to Wabash Centre's Links to Research & Writing (see section E.)


2. Brief Synthesis or Reflection Papers include the same elements as a research paper, with the addition of some subjective (personal, spiritual and pastoral) reflections, but no title page and bibliography.


3. Essay and Thesis Writing & Style Guides
For a formatting reference guide, see the classic:
Kate L. Turabian. A Manual For Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations (U. of Chicago: U. of Chicago,1973).


4. Guides to style, grammar and composition:
William Strunk,The Elements of Style, rev., intro. and a chapter on writing by E.B. White, 2. ed. (New York: Macmillan, 1972).
OR: Joseph M. Williams. Style: Toward Clarity and Grace (U. of Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1990).

Advanced Degree Theses:
Students writing A.D.. theses are strongly encouraged to also consult:
The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2003.)

Essay Writing in Theology & Religious Studies

Regis College offers its own registered students assistance in writing essays, though workshops and some individual consultation. Please check the Regis student handbook or Regis College website for more details.

The Univeristy of Toronto also has a number of Writing Centres to assist you. Please visit their website for more information.

My On-Line Resources for Research & Study
1. General Assignment & Research information.
2. Time-Line for Selected Early Church Authors (PDF)
2. Researching Early Christian History & Authors (PDF)
4. Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (A Comparison) (PDF)
5. Selected icons used in course lectures.



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