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Prof. Jaroslav Skira


Below are student's concluding comments on some of my courses taken from course evaluations.

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History of Christianity I (to AD 843)


From 2003/4:
Thanks for a great semester, and for your patience and sense of humour! The slide show [on early Christian art] was really great too.
I really enjoyed the set-up of the tutorials. The posting of sources on-line was super. Opening up another tutorial time showed Prof. Skira's commitment to the best possible experience and interaction, not to simply delivering a course.
Prof. Skira is an excellent instructor. Very thoughtful, knowledgeable, interesting and (even) funny.
The class was excellent, and allowed for maximum participation. The professor was excellent, knew his stuff and shared widely from experience. His sense of humour was greatly appreciated.
Merci beacoup! Very interesting course.
I have enjoyed this course and Prof. Skira's teaching very much.
I loved the enthusiasm and dry humour of Prof. Skira. He presents material clearly, consistently, and always connected lecture material [while] referring to [his handouts]. Writing of unfamiliar terms on the blackboard also helpful. Highly recommended.
RGH 2045H
Christology to 451AD
From 2002/3:
Great teacher. Approachable and knowledgeable of the material covered in class.
Prof. Skira was always approachable and very easy to understand in and out of class. He helped make a complicated time in church history enjoyable to learn and research.
Prof. Skira is excellent in relating material to entry-level students.
Skira is a gem at TST. Everyone should take at least one of his courses.
RGH 3755 / 6755H
Theology & Spirituality of Icons
From 2002/3:
Thank you for a very interesting course.
I think this course was very enlightening. Thank you very much for this new understanding.
Visual organization of the course is perfect and very helpful. Also gives significant knowledge of icons as art and as historic and symbolic interpretation.



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