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Where to get help.

Unfortunately, there is no single guide, manual, or FAQ which tells you everything you need to know about Radio. But don't despair. Information, guides, and tutorials abound. Here's a quick guide to some of the most useful:
The built in help system. (Read these first.)
You should see a menu bar running across the top of each page on your local machine with links to the important parts of the Radio content management system. One of these is the Help Menu. Simply click on the 'Help' link at the top of each page (or the orange question mark) to invoke the on-line documentation which is built into your copy of Radio. The Help Pages provide a good outline of Radio's basic features and functions.

The Radio Userland Website. (Read these second.)
The Radio Userland website is the primary repository for all Radio information. It features:
  • The Radio Userland FAQ. Quick answers to the first questions you'll have about getting and using Radio. Start here and then move on.
  • All Radio Userland Documentation. (Excellent) The 'Directory' link takes you to a list of all the documentation divided into subcategories. Start with 'Documentation'. You'll need to dig around a bit to find what you're looking for, since the categories are not exclusive, and some topics are treated multiple times by different authors.
  • The Radio Userland Discussion Forums. (Excellent) The 'Discuss' link on the Radio website takes you to the Radio Forums, where you can post your questions.
  • Radio Userland Developer Tutorials. The 'Developer' link takes you to a brief introduction of special interest to developers, and anyone who wants to look 'under the hood' of Radio's cms.

Independent Sites. (Read these third.)
Many people have tried to fill the gap in Radio documentation by putting together their own help sites. Many are quite good. Here's short-list of some of the most useful:

What you need to know now (for beginners)
Coming soon.

What you need to know now (for advanced users)
Coming soon.

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