About This Project

My name is Michael D. Elliot, and I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. I began developing the Anglo-Saxon Canon Law Web site in conjunction with my PhD dissertation, and continue to revise and add to it when I can. The goal is not an exhaustive and finished Web site; rather I maintain the site because I find it useful for my own research to have in one convenient place an extendible collection of texts, links, and bibliography related to early medieval canon law. The texts and resources that I have posted here derive from or relate directly to the research I am doing or have done, and are in no way meant to represent the sorts of materials every student of early medieval canon law will encounter. Nevertheless, I have made these materials freely available to all in hopes that others may find them of some help in their own research. Check back often, and be sure to refresh your browser each time you do.