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Calligraphy Symposium

The Calligraphy of Medieval Music

University of Toronto, Trinity College, George Ignatieff Theatre
21-23 September 2007

The conference is free of charge and open to all.

  • Friday, 21 September, 2-5 PM
  • Andy Orchard (Provost, Trinity College): Greetings
    John Haines: Introduction
    Susan Rankin: "Procedures and Stylization in Eleventh-Century Neume Forms"
    Franz-Karl Prassl: "Music Scribes in Tenth-Century St. Gall"
    David Hiley: "Music Notation in Norman Sicily"

  • Saturday, 22 September, 9-11:30 AM
  • Lawrence Earp, Chair
    Michel Huglo: "Towards a Scientific Paleography of Music"
    Margot Fassler: "Liturgy, Music and Paleography at Chartres"
    Olivier Cullin: "The Calligraphy of Carthusian Music Books"

    1-3:30 PM

    James Kippen, Chair
    Weiping Zhao: "On the History of Chinese Tablature and Its Study"
    Getatchew Haile: "Manuscript Production in Ethiopia: An Ongoing Practice"
    Catherine Martin: "On Mi'qmaq Writing and Its Context"

    4:30-6 PM (University of Toronto Art Centre - 15 King's College Circle, Toronto ON, M5S 3H7)

    Susan Rankin, Chair
    Bettina Ryan: "Experiments in Recreating Medieval Music Notation"
    Randall Rosenfeld: "Scribal Tools of the Notator"

  • Sunday, 23 September, 10-12 AM
  • David Hiley, Chair
    Lawrence Earp: "Interpreting the Deluxe Manuscript"
    Anna-Maria Busse Berger: "The Consequences of Ars Nova Notation"
    Barbara Haggh: "Two 16th-century Examples of Late Square Notation at Cambrai"
    John Haines: Concluding Words

    For further information, contact Meghan Forsyth at meghan.forsyth@utoronto.ca.

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