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Who We Are

Centre for Medieval Studies
Faculty of Music

John Haines, director

Advisory Board

Albert Derolez (Brussels)
Anna Maria Busse Berger (Davis, Cal., USA)
Olivier Cullin (CESCM, University of Poitiers, France)
David Hiley (Regensburg)
Michel Huglo (Paris and Maryland, USA)
Wesley Stevens (Winnipeg)
Jan Ziolkowski (Cambridge, Mass., USA)

Toronto research team

Amelia Borrego (2003), historian
Daniel Brielmeier (2006-7), historian
Sarah Carleton (2003-), musicologist
Graham Freeman (2004-), musicologist
Andrew Hicks (2005-), latinist
Mark Laver (2006-), webmaster
Karl Loo (2003-4), latinist
Barbara Menich (2004-), musicologist
Laura Mitchell (2007-)
David Ogborn (2003-), web designer
Kara Richardson (2003), historian
Randall Rosenfeld (2002-4), internal advisor
Anna Rutledge (2005-6), musicologist
Miriam Wendling (2005-6), musicologist
Jamie Younkin (2003-6), musicologist

Special thanks to Rob Harvie for the neume transformation graphic.

Authorship of our website's different pages is indicated by initials. For example, a page signed KL was written by Karl Loo.

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