JONI NEHERITA RODNEY is a soul sista from Toronto . She has been performing her music in clubs around Toronto and Montreal for the past six years. She studied voice privately at Bill Vincent’s “Voices and Company” for five years. She went on to Humber College for its Jazz Program and then to Shelly Berger’s School of Music to study arranging. Joni’s soul music is a brand that features melodies that go down smoothly and lyrics that don’t have you digging for the meaning well after the show has ended. Throw in a healthy dose of gospel and jazz, a splash of pop, and presto- you’ve got Joni’s refreshingly classic soul. Unforced and natural onstage, she welcomes you in with honesty and quirkiness. You may feel as though you know her already. Her connectedness to 60’s and 70’s soul comes through in her songs that hold their own whether backed by a full band or a simple acoustic guitar or piano.