PsychOUT Conference
May 7-8, 2010

Proceedings of the PsychOUT Conference



KEYNOTE: Earth Gets Mad Pride! Unite Local Activism with Challenging Psychiatric Globalization for a Nonviolent Revolution in Mental Health, and Beyond!

This era of Mad Movement organizing is deeply rooted in many 20th century social change movements, including -- but not limited to -- civil rights, poor people, women, disability, criminal justice and even environmental. What lessons can we apply from these decades of cross-oppression organizing to our efforts to end sanism? How can a vision of global nonviolent revolution unite us in a spirit of mutual cooperation with other movements in the 21st century? What role does the Mad Movement play in meshing the gears of mutual support with Martin Luther King's call for "creative maladjustment"? How do we find the elusive edge between individual empowerment and organizational unity? Is Mad Pride just about those of us with psychiatric labels, or about healing the spirit of all of humanity?

The speaker, David W. Oaks, is a psychiatric survivor who brings stories and ex-perience from his 34 years of community organizing for human rights and altern-atives in mental health. Since 1986, he has directed MindFreedom International, one of the main independent activist coalitions in the mad movement.