MARCH 13 – 15, 2015


13 – 15 MARS, 2015


This program is also available as a PDF file here.

Friday, March 13th - Sidney Smith 2108

1:30 Registration
2:30 Maida Percival Evidence from Halkomelem for shift in Harmonic Serialism
2:50 Yoonjung Kang, Na-Young Ryu, Hyoung Seok Kwon Dialectal variation in Korean vowel harmony and the emergent locality effect
3:10 David Ta-Chun Shen Uyghur vowel harmony in Search and Unify
3:30 Christina Bjorndahl Triggers and targets in voicing assimilation: The inevitability of Russian /v/
3:50 Break
4:10 Nicolas Royer-Artuso Turkish is not a tongue-twister
4:30 Jeffrey Lamontagne Sociophonetic patterns in Laurentian French vowel fronting
4:50 Adam Stone Vowel height and duration in Chilean Spanish
5:10 Myriam Lapierre The vowels of Mebengokre

Saturday, March 14 - Sidney Smith 1087

9:00 Breakfast & Registration
9:30 Maxime Papillon Two types of null exponents: Locality and Serialization
9:50 Camila Matamoros & Charles Reiss Symbol taxonomy in biophonology
10:10 Misha Schwartz & Heather Goad Evidence available for the acquisition of a subset grammar
10:30 Break
10:50 Luke West Neutral tone in Sgaw Karen: An acoustic study of minor syllables and tonal targets
11:10 Christopher Spahr On tonal features and tonal accent
11:30 Frederick Gietz Tonal flop in Kikuyu motivates a Shift operation
11:50 Hye-Young Bang, Morgan Sonderegger, Meghan Clayards, & Yoonjung Kang A lexical and contextual path of tonogenesis: Evidence from Seoul Korean
12:10 Lunch
1:50 Heather Lynn Yawney The yes/no question marker in the Turkish language: Its syntactic distribution and its irregular stress
2:10 Natália Brambatti Guzzo & Guilherme Duarte Garcia Frequency of vowel raising and clitic prosodization in Brazilian Portuguese
2:30 Lev Blumenfeld Word-level prosody in Nauruan
2:50 Heather Newell Illusory strata
3:10 Break
3:30 Erin Hall Japanese verb suffixation: Allomorph selection, not onset deletion
3:50 Yining Nie Morphological truncation in Harmonic Serialism
4:10 Keffyalew Gebregziabher & Jessamyn Schertz Phonological and phonetic variation in velar plain and ejective obstruents in Tigrinya
4:30 Luc Baronian The antiquity of Western Armenian voicing
7:30 Dinner @ 18 Beverley St.

Sunday, March 15 - Sidney Smith 1087

9:30 Breakfast
10:00 Phil Howson An acoustic analysis of Sorbian: A reexamination of the feature specification for uvulars
10:20 Ruth Martinez The naïve non-native perception of Brazilian Portuguese nasal vowels by French and English speakers
10:40 Donghyun Kim Perception and production of English tense/lax vowel contrasts by native Korean speakers from two different dialects
11:00 Break
11:20 Luc Baronian & Nicolas Royer-Artuso Placing the words to the polyrhythmical grid
11:40 Elan Dresher & Keren Rice Phonological typology with contrastive hierarchies
12:00 Lunch (in cooperation with TULCon)