Professional Experience




China HuanQiu Contracting & Engineering Corp. (HQCEC) (CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT)

Major responsibilities:

    Carry out detailed design for industrial buildings & structures, including piping racks (steel), equipment foundations for heavy chemical reactors, chemical reaction pond, concrete single story workshop(60mX24m) with steel truss, square precast piles, anti-blast wall, steel operation platform supporting the reactors; participate in preliminary design to compare and decide structure scheme and estimate cost; serve on the construction site as design representative; cooperate with other professional engineers to satisfy piping ,electricity and HVAC requests. 



















   .ShanXi Huaxin calcium carbonate project 

    Design a steel structure platform with 3 separated equipments of totally 36 tons, analyze the structure with frame analysis software, considering dead loads and earthquake loads. Design several pump and tank foundations, storage and reaction ponds. Carry out site service as design representative for 2 weeks. Propose site technical solutions for wire and pipe truss supports.

   .Beijing Organic Chemical Plant VAE project

    Choose the structural system and execute detailed design for a 60Mx24M concrete framed bent workshop. The job consists of the production of calculation reports and shop drawings. Four single beam cranes suspending under the roof angle steel truss is the key problem of the project. The simple and reliable welding joints are designed to assure the connection of crane beams to the roof truss. The work also include a concrete viaduct for the pipe and wire.

   .Qingdao DIC Fine Chemicals Co. QDP-1 project

     Execute detailed design for a two store concrete framework as the utility house. PKPM program is used to analysis and design the whole structure and concrete elements. Special construction process considering equipments installation is reflected in the design. 

   .ShanDong ShengDa carbonate calcium project 

   Design a 200m long heavily loaded steel pipe rack serving the whole plant, a masonry and concrete combined utility house,  a deep foundation sitting on the rock for a large vessel which is 50m in height and 1500t in weight. Supervise three university students who were internship in our company with their Bachelor Degree thesis.
    .YPC-BASF Integrated Petrochemical Plant project Ethylene Unit. Working as structural designer for heavily loaded pipe rack pile foundations, reactor foundations and compressor framework foundation.


Stone & Webster LTD ( A Shaw group company) Civil Engineering Department

   . YPC-BASF Integrated Petrochemical Plant project (Nanjing) Ethylene Unit. Working as the chief structural engineer on the site . Total investment is 2.9 billion US, more than 20000 cubic meter concrete was casted as equipment foundations and 3000 precast piles were driven. Job including interpreting drawings, make site solutions to imminent problems, quality inspection, cooperate with HVAC engineers.

Site report of installation of pre-cast piles.






CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited project

   . Working as structural designer for 800-tons silo framework foundation and anti-blast cell for HDPE unit.