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Welcome to my web site.

My main activity as REED Director of Research and General Editor is the research and editorial direction of the Records of Early English Drama series at the University of Toronto. Founded in 1976 to locate, transcribe, and edit all surviving documentary evidence of drama, minstrelsy, and public ceremonial in England before 1642, REED has published 27 collections of dramatic records with more to come. Find out lots more about REED and early theatre research at

I also direct the development of two research and educational websites. The REED Patrons and Performances Web Site is making our research discoveries freely available to a wider audience on the web in a more dynamic form. My special delight has been in the discovery of over 200 private homes, monasteries, churches, guild and town halls that were used as performance venues by medieval and renaissance touring entertainers. A sampling of these 'alternative theatres' from my photographic jaunts is rotating here on my home page but you can find lots more at

The Early Modern London Theatres website was launched in 2011, its first phase focused on 8 theatres north of the Thames. Current work has shifted to six theatres south of the Thames, including the Globe and the Rose. EMLoT with its Learning Zone special feature, can be found at