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Born and raised in Lahore, Shahid has been wandering aournd the world.  From Government College Lahore he received his Pre Engineering certificate (a two year important certificate needed for admission to professional colleges ).  Later, he joined Electrical Engineering Department at UET Lahore. In UET, he received university merit scholarship twice , top ten slot, and his microcontroller based project won second prize in IEEE Final Year Project Competition. He finally graduated with honors, final year percentage of 86% and overall percentage of 83%.

His professional career started with INTECH, where he won the best performance increments facilitating his quick promotion to the Sr. Engineer position. He later worked with TECHLOGIX and DESCON for short periods of time, while working through his GRE exam.

His eagerness of higher studies resulted in taking a break from his professional career to join University of Toronto for MASc in Computer Engineering. He scored 3 A+  and one A in the five graduate courses he took for his MASc degree. He finished with an A in research work and an IEEE conference paper: KELOP - Key-Value lookup in ad-hoc wireless networks.

After masters, he joined Ontario Power Generation in Plant Design group, where he was supporting operations and maintenance of Pickering Nuclear power plant as an electrical and I&C engineer. He has been recognized several times by top OPG leadership for his ownership and performance. He has received Cheif Nuclear Officer (CNO) recognitions twice, Actions Contribution to Excellence recognitions, and high performance increments.

Currently he is working with Alstom Power Solutions USA, where he is designing electrical and I&C systems for new power generation plants.

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