eng359y: american literature, 1880-1960


Course Conduct

Marking Scheme (Fall and Spring Terms)
Fall Term Paper 25% of final mark
Fall Term Test 20%
Spring Term Paper 25%
Spring Term Test 20%
Participation 10%
Course Conduct
All established course policies will remain in effect. However, please note the change to the location for submission of late papers.
All assignments must be handed in on the date indicated. They should conform to the assigned length and should be double-spaced. Late essays will be penalized at a rate of 2% per day late. The late penalty may be waived if illness is a factor and if the student presents an appropriate medical certificate. Extensions will be granted only if requested well in advance. Late papers must be submitted to me in person, or to the English Department secretary, Helen Smith, in the Medical Arts Building, 170 St. George St., Suite 923 (NOT at 7 King’s College Circle). Please do not slip papers under my office door.