eng5998hf theorizing asian north american studies globalization and nation
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Readings marked with * can be found in the course reader.

Readings marked with ** can be accessed online by following the links provided. If you are accessing these documents off-campus, you may be prompted for a library ID and PIN.

14 Sept. Questioning the Nation
**Susan Koshy, “The Fiction of Asian American Literature”
*Sau-ling Wong, “Denationalization Reconsidered: Asian American Cultural Criticism at a Theoretical Crossroads,” Postcolonial Theory and the United States, ed. Amritjit Singh and Peter Schmidt (Jackson: UP of Mississippi, 2000)
21 Sept. Frank Chin and Cultural Nationalism
*Frank Chin, “Confessions of a Chinatown Cowboy”
*Chin et al., Introduction, Aiiieeeee!
*Chin, “Come All Ye Asian American Writers of the Real and the Fake”
*King-kok Cheung, “The Woman Warrior versus the Chinaman Pacific: Must a Chinese American Critic Choose between Feminism and Heroism?”
28 Sept. Historiography
Gary Okihiro, The Columbia Guide to Asian American History
5 Oct. Literature
Sau-ling Wong, Reading Asian American Literature
12 Oct. Asian Canadian
*Roy Miki, “Asiancy,” Broken Entries
**Lien Chao, “Anthologizing the Collective: The Epic Struggles to establish Chinese Canadian Literature in English”
**Guy Beauregard, “The Emergence of ‘Asian Canadian’ Literature: CanLit’s Obscene Supplement?”
**Donald C. Goellnicht, “A Long Labour: The Protracted Birth of Asian Canadian Literature”
19 Oct. Transnational Perspectives I
Lisa Lowe, Immigrant Acts
26 Oct. Transnational Perspectives II
David Palumbo-Liu, Asian/American: Historical Crossings of a Racial Frontier
2 Nov. Transnational Perspectives III
Aihwa Ong, Flexible Citizenship
9 Nov. Diaspora
Kandice Chuh and Karen Shimakawa, eds., Orientations
16 Nov. Film
*Richard Fung, “Looking for My Penis: The Eroticized Asian in Gay Video Porn”
23 Nov. Psychoanalysis
Anne Cheng, The Melancholy of Race
30 Nov. Postcoloniality
**Viet Thanh Nguyen and Tina Chen, eds., Postcolonial Asian America, Jouvert 4.3
7 Dec. Cultural Studies
Sunaina Maira, Desis in the House