Babylon 5 RPG
House Rules

Character generation and other related rules.
Now what we have here is a few of the changes that my group has made over the years to the game. The files are in either Excel or Word from MS-Office 97©. All of the documents contained herein assume that you own a copy of The Babylon Project© RPG rule book.

Character Generation
This file is a modification to the basic rules for character generation. With the Rule Book in hand, the variables our group assigned allow for a bit more flexibility in character creation. They of course don't need to be used, but they do give a little bit more of an edge for certain characters, i.e. scientists, military types or even to  criminals and diplomats. A slightly broader background can go a long way to making the characters more involved with the game. Also there are few extra spaces for a GM to add more questions if s/he thinks of any.

Development questions
Reprinted in this document are the actual development questions listed in the rule book; those listed, along with a few additions from the group, are to help get the game going so that characters can be created without everyone needing to hover over a rule book.

This document contains some of the basic skills and their descriptions that telepathic characters will need to know about. All for the sake of expediency.

Character Sheet
The character sheet file was created by a Donald Wellr (that's how it's spelled in the properties field). I have not been able to either find him or find where I got this file. I place it here now with the understanding the this is his work, and if he asks me to remove it, I shall respect his wishes.  The file itself includes not only character and work sheets for the 4 main races, but also lists for characteristics, equipment and skills. Again, very convenient.

New Military Skills
The following list shows where we thought there were some noticeable gaps in the rules regarding various military related skills. The characters came across a situation where they had to diffuse a bomb. No one in the party, including the few military types, had any experience/skill at all in disarming bombs; it was quite funny at the time and the characters did get out of it, but not without a little fumbling about. This list compares what was already in the rulebook and what we came up with. As with any of the rules and addendum, please feel free to use whatever you want, or not, as you choose.

MAPS, did I hear you cry? We got tons of Maps now. Thanks to a chap called Jose <aka Nacho>, who graciously sent on the stuff from his group.  all of them are very good, but 2258 in particular is absolutely amazing and well worth the d/l time. 

Map of 2156 300K pdf
Map of 2226 300K pdf
Map of 2258 728K jpg
Map of 2260 315K pdf
Map of 2263 314K pdf
 Map of 2000 AD East  303K pdf
 Map of 2000 AD West  308K pdf
Map of 2000 AD full 584K pdf

Map of 2258 created by  Shawn "Fuzzy Modem" Weixelman

I have no idea who made the rest of the maps but my thanks to you!


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Again, the usual copyrights apply here to the various copyright holders. And again, if you plan on using this stuff for anything other than private, you better get hold of the various copyright holders and get their permission, otherwise... IT'S LAWYER TIME!  "Credit where credit is due!" 'nuff said.