Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts


The following links are to PDF versions of translations from Arabic and Latin philosophical texts that I have prepared for various graduate courses in medieval philosophy. Feel free to use them for your own teaching if you wish, although you should keep in mind that they are all drafts. If you or your students wish to use this material for purposes other than classroom instruction, Id ask that you please contact me first.

Texts on Medieval Theories of the Imagination and Internal Senses:

Latin Texts:

1.       Albert the Great. Selections from Summa de creaturis: De homine. (PDF)

2.       Albert the Great. Selections from De anima. (PDF)

3.       John Buridan. Selections from the De anima (De prima lectura). (PDF)

4.       Walter Burley. On the Powers of the Soul. (PDF)

Arabic Texts:

1.       Avicenna. Healing: The Soul, Bk. 4, chapters 1-3. (PDF)

2.       Avicenna. Selections on Estimation (Wahm). (PDF)

3.       Avicenna. Selections on the Cogitative Faculty. (PDF)

Psychological Texts in Arabic:

1.       Avicenna on Intellectual Memory from The Healing:The Soul, Bk. 5, chapter 6. (PDF)

2.       Averroes. Epitome of the De anima (Talkhī kitāb al-nafs). (PDF)

Other Texts from Arabic Philosophers:

1.       Al-Fārābī. The Conditions of Certitude. (PDF)

2.       Al-Fārābī. Kitāb al-Jadal (Dialectic): Selections. (PDF)

3.       Avicenna. The Healing: Demonstration Bk. 4, chap. 10 (corresponding to Posterior Analytics 2.19). (PDF)

Texts by Latin Averroists:

1.       Siger of Brabant. Questions on the Book of Causes, qq. 26-27. (PDF)

2.       Siger of Brabant. Selections from the Questions on the Metaphysics on Philosophy and Theology. (PDF)