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CCT260 Major Assignment

Hello, my name is Brian Lee, a second year student at University of Toronto at Mississauga. I was born in July 27th 1987 in South Korea and I came to Canada about 4 years ago. I am about 5'11 tall chubby kid with a black hair and brown eyes. I graduated my highschool in a small city called Chatham, southwestern Ontario. I am currently taking a few economic courses and cct courses for the fall session. Taking CCT260 course was a good opportunity for me to learn a lot of techniques of making a web site. Before I came into the university to study the business, I was very interested in graphic design and making a web site, so I ended up taking first year CCT courses last year and here I am working on the CCT260 assignment. I was able to learn a lot of things that I did not know and waht I was doing wrong.

I enjoy playing graphic designs with photoshop, it is probably the hobby that I do the most when I have a spare time. Otherwise I would go out and play basketball, or go on msn and play computer games. Speaking of sports, I play pretty much all sports, basketball, soccer, football, swimming and etc. Since UTM built an awesome brand new atheletic centre, I happen to play basketball a lot ever since I came to the university. One more thing that I cannot live without would be listening to music. I listen to all kinds of music, but I happen to listen to rap and RnB more.

I chose this topic, E-Commerce, because I study business at UTM, and I thought it would be helpful as I take one step ahead to learn more about the change in economy caused by the development of the internet. Tutorials helped correcting the mistakes I make while working on the website.

My favourite website is, and If you have any question about this website or myself. Please contact me at