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CCT260 Major Assignment

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o History

- Beginning : Invention of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange: sends purchase invoices electronically) in the late 1970s
- Middle : Tim Berners-Lee introduced the “World Wide Web” to the economy.  Born of E-Commerce.
- E-Commerce implemented to E-Business
(distributes information and provides support and services to consumers.) 

o Why E-Commerce?

- More consumer demands in the internet than any other transmission mediums today. 
- Why? Old system is replaced by the new technology
(Our time value went up, our activities are more convenient, accurate, and faster.)
- E-commerce allowed skipping of many of unnecessary steps till product gets to customer – lowers the cost.  
- Consumers gained the power over the producers
(became more interested in the share of spending rather than just being targeted as a market)