PhD in Philosophy, Columbia University (2011); Advisor: Frederick Neuhouser 
    BA in Philosophy and English, Saint Louis University (2001)
Philosophical Studies
Journal of Political Philosophy 
    2014-           University of Toronto, Assistant Professor   
    2013-2014  University of California, Riverside Postdoctoral Fellow ("Love and Human Agency" Project); Mentor: Agnieszka Jaworska
Teaching Experience
  Graduate Courses
    Valuing, Narrative, and What Matters in Life (Toronto: Fall 2015)

 Undergraduate Courses
    Political Philosophy (Toronto: Fall 2014, Winter 2016; Barnard College: Spring 2013)
    Biomedical Ethics (University of California, Riverside: Spring 2014)
    Applied Ethics (Pratt Institute: Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
    Philosophy of Education (Barnard College: Spring 2012)
    Ethics of the Family (University of California, Riverside: Winter 2014)
    The Nature of Love (Toronto: Fall 2014; 2014-2015) 
    Introduction to Philosophy (New Jersey City University: Fall 2009)
    Survey of Ancient Philosophy (Columbia: Summer 2004)
    Contemporary Civilization [a Great Books course] (Columbia: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2008-2009)
Departmental Service
    2015-2016   Ethics Search Committee
    2014-            Coordinator for Ethics and Political Philosophy Interest Group 
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
Journal of Moral Philosophy
Journal of Applied Philosophy
University of Toronto Law Journal
Referee For
    “Holding on to the Reasons of the Heart: Cognitive Degeneration and the Capacity to Love,” coauthored with Agnieszka  
     Jaworksa, forthcoming in Love, Reason, and Morality, Esther Kroeker and Katrien Schaubroeck (eds.) (London: Routledge, 2016).
    "On Becoming an Adult: Autonomy and the Moral Relevance of Life’s Stages,” Philosophical Quarterly 63 (April 2013), 223-247.
    “Creation and Authority: The Natural Law Foundations of Locke’s Account of Parental Authority,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 42,
     Nos. 3/4, (September/December 2012), 255-280.
    Book Review of Norvin Richards, The Ethics of Parenthood (Oxford University Press, 2010). Journal of Value Inquiry 46 (March 2012):117–121.
    Book Review of Jonathan Wolff, Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry (Routledge, 2011). Journal of Applied Philosophy 29    
    (August 2012): 266-268.
    April 6, 2015                  TBA
                                             Centre for Ethics, Ethics at Noon
                                              University of Toronto
    March 29, 2016            "Patient Autonomy and Mature Minors"
                                               Joint Centre for Bioethics, Seminar Series 
                                               University of Toronto                                         
    April 22, 2015              “Lingering Feelings: Caring, Internality, and the Self,”
                                            Colloquium, University of California Riverside
    December 10, 2014     “Remaining True to Ourselves: Dementia, Value-Change, and Self-Binding”
                                            Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto 

    July 7, 2014                  “Two Aspects of Charity”
                                            Why Charity? The Politics and Ethics of Charity
                                             The University of Brighton
    June 29, 2014               “Impairments of Reason and the Capacity to Love” 
                                              Keynote Address with Agnieszka Jaworska
                                             Society for Applied Philosophy
                                              St. Anne’s College, Oxford University
    July 12, 2013                “Love and Attachment”
                                             Love & Human Agency Workshop, Lake Tahoe, California 

    April 5, 2013                “Might there be a Kantian Political Liberalism,” 
                                              Comment on Japa Pallikkathayil’s “Political Reasons”
                                             New York German Idealism Workshop
                                              Columbia University    

    February 8, 2013         “Remaining True to Ourselves: Dementia, Value-Change, and Self-Binding”
                                             Binghamton University, SUNY
    February 1, 2013          "Remaining True to Ourselves: Dementia, Value-Change, and Self-Binding"
                                               University of California, Riverside
    January 25, 2013         "Remaining True to Ourselves: Dementia, Value-Change, and Self-Binding"
                                             University of Toronto
    January 26, 2012          "Loving for the Right Reasons"
                                              University of Illinois, Chicago     
    July 1, 2007                     Comments on Peter Morriss, "Marriage and Liberalism: An Underexplored Tension"
                                             "Philosophy and the Family"
                                             Society for Applied Philosophy
                                             University of Birmingham, UK
Areas of Specialization
    Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of the Emotions 
Andrew Franklin-Hall
University of Toronto
Department of Philosophy, 170 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5R 2M8
Email:  andrew[dot]franklin[dot]hall[at]utoronto[dot]ca