Guidelines for Writing Undergraduate Philosophy Papers
Here is a version of the guidelines I provide my students for writing papers in my classes.
I have provided links to some my syllabi below.  The reading assignments reflect my plan for the course at the beginning of the semester--not necessarily what we actually managed to cover.
Current Courses
     The Nature of Love                (TBB 199Y)  A humanities seminar for first-year students.
     Political Philosophy                (PHL 265)
Upcoming Courses
     Biomedical Ethics                  (PHL 265)
     Topics in Moral Philosophy   (PHL 376)
Past Courses at UofT  
   Graduate Courses 
    Valuing, Narrative, and What Matters in Life (PHL1111 - Fall 2015)
      This was the PhD proseminar in which other members of the faculty occasionally visited as guest lectures. 

   Undergraduate Courses
    Political Philosophy (PHL 265 - Fall 2014) 
    The Nature of Love (TBB 199 - Fall 2014)  
Past Courses Elsewhere
    Biomedical Ethics (University of California, Riverside: Spring 2014)
    Ethics of the Family (University of California, Riverside: Winter 2014) 
    Political Philosophy (Barnard College: Spring 2013)  
    Philosophy of Education (Barnard College: Spring 2012) 
    Applied Ethics (Pratt Institute: Fall 2012, Spring 2013
    Introduction to Philosophy (New Jersey City University: Fall 2009) 
    Contemporary Civilization [a Great Books course] (Columbia: 2005-2006, 2006-2007,
    Survey of Ancient Philosophy (Columbia: Summer 2004)