Jason Hackworth

Professor of Planning and Geography

Undergraduate information

I teach a variety of undergraduate courses in the Department of Geography. Most of them deal in some way with cities, political economy, or policy. Students can access the most up-to-date information through portal.utoronto.ca if they are a registered student in the course. Here is a list of courses taught with links to recent course outlines. These are not official course outlines (those are only available through quercus), but they should provide sufficient background on each course if you are undecided on whether to register.

Undergraduate courses taught in 2021-22:

Fall 2021--GGR 359: Comparative Urban Policy

Fall 2021--SII 199: Race, conflict and the urban landscape.

Undergraduate courses taught in the past (with links to most recent course outline):

GGR 124: Introduction to urban geography
GGR 216: Global cities
GGR 271: Social research methods