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Home Insurance things you need to know

1. Cost of rebuilding your house
Incase of house damanage due to natural disastors or fire, home insurance companies provide you with the cost of buildin your house. However the method of calculating this cost may vary as insurance companies use different calculating methods. Ask your insurance broker for more detail

2. Guaranteed replacement coverage
Cost of replacement increases over the time as labour, material and other cost goes up. Therefore make sure that your house is coverd for the todays cost not the cost mentioned on the policy 10 years ago.

3. Sewer back-up coverage
Double check if home insurance policy includes sewer back up coverage. Not all insurance policies have this covered as default options.

4. what is a Comprehensive Policy, a Broad Policty and a Fire Policy
Comprehensive Policy: This is also known as full coverage insurance.
Broad Policty: this type of policy provides standard coverage.
Fire Policy: this is a basic coverage against fire damage.