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Automated Home Receives Awards

Recently in the Windsor Regional Science Fair, Janzen Electronics was presented with a gold medal, and the Manufacturing Technology and Engineering special awards. The winning system was Automated Home which consisted of software running on a computer. A small-scale model of a house was displayed. It had working lights, appliances and switches, which were electronically linked to the computer.

SoundStation Awaited

The audio enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for the newest advancement in its field, the SoundStation line of products. The system is still in an early stage of development. JE, according to earlier plans, would to design the hardware first, but now we are going backwards, starting with SoundStation Controller, the Windows-compatible computer interface.

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The History of Janzen Electronics

Janzen Electronics was born in 1988 with its first major product, an automatic fish feeder (left). This was only a prototype version though, and it served as a unique curiosity for a small number of people. This was true for several of JE's first products, including: a unit with a cassette player and amplifier circuits mounted in it; a machine that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen; a talking (yes, talking) automatic plant watering machine; and a digital light dimmer control.

After 1994, the first few marketable and large scale products were built: an adjustable power supply and a digital sound effects recorder. As Janzen Electronics continues to expand, we are striving to improve standards and maintain a uniqueness not found in conventional products.

The automatic fish feeder. It is meant to sit on top of a fish bowl or aquarium. The fish food is placed on the black platform and at the set time of day, the platform swivels down and drops the food. Also a small light turns on at this time so the fish can see what it is eating.