Meet Ashutosh ...

Ashutosh graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto, with a Software Engineering specialization in Computer science in 2006. Although trained in computer science, the challenges of Business always captivated him. After finishing his undergraduate degree he completed an intensive and unique short term business program called "Bridge to Business" from Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto in June 2006.

Ashutosh currently works at Accenture Inc. - a global management consulting, technology and outsourcing company. Previous to this, he has worked in various capacities in small-medium size technology firms. He is founding member of a small company for providing complete integrated range of start-up shared services to small scale businesses, and another for social benefit. He has always taken an entrepreneurial approach towards work and strives to perform beyond given responsibilities though hard work and focused approach. Ashutosh has deep interest in social-venture philanthropy and takes special interest in nurturing prosperity and financial independence amongst Canadian First Nation communities and individuals.

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