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CPT Event Details:

For all CPT tournaments, please refer to your personal "evite" for spatial and temporal details (witheld from this site for privacy and security). Also note that formats for future tournaments may change without notice prior to the tournament date.

Season 1:

CPT1: Inaugural Tournament

CPT2: Shoot-out at the Quantum Corral

CPT3: Bounty Hunter Showdown

CPT4: Ante Up

CPT5: Straddling Fifth Street

CPT6: Kill or Be Killed

CPT7: Season 1 Finale

CPT: Tournament of Champions

Season 2:

CPT8: Omaha-8 Pot Luck

CPT9: The Stud Classic

CPT10: Razz It Up

CPT11: Banana Split

CPT12: Heads-Up

CPT13: Omaha All Over Again

CPT TofC 2: The Sport of Kings

Season 3:

CPT14-19: Bad Ass Poker

Season 4:

CPT20-??: More Bad Ass Poker


Photo Gallery:

Follow the link below to view the action at past CPT events, along with the ultimate prize... the Chem Poker Tour championship bracelet!

Photo Gallery

Leader Board:

For full member privileges, log in at StatsGenie.com, where, in addition to season stats, you can view career stats and other CPT information. To view current CPT rankings, follow the link below:

"Chem Poker Tour" Career Stats

Quick-link: Season 1 Rankings

Quick-link: Season 2 Rankings

Quick-link: Season 3 Rankings

Quick-link: Season 4 Rankings

Quick-link: CPT Championships



Poker Rules:

Keep in mind that number of chips, chip distribution, prizes, and some "special" rules vary from tournament to tournament. An attempt will be made to clarify rules of a tournament before it begins. The tournament director will have the final say in any disputes. If the tournament director is involved in the dispute, a competent and unbiased 3rd party may be asked to resolve the dispute.

Links to standard poker rule books and other resources are listed below. Treat these as general guidelines for CPT tournaments.

"Robert's Rules" (v. 7)

"HomePokerTourney Rules" (v. 6)

"Tournament Directors Association" rules

"HomePokerTourney" rules summary

Dealer Errors

Wikipedia on Betting (poker)

Wikipedia on Texas Hold'em

Wikipedia on Omaha Hold'em

Wikipedia on Stud Poker

Other Links:

Donkey Test - online poker IQ test

Hand rankings and odds chart


CPT members' full names and email addresses are kept confidential for the privacy of our players. Although it is primarily composed of chemistry graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, CPT membership is not exclusive to these groups. Requests to join the CPT can be sent to Jeff Dunford.


The CPT would like to thank our generous sponsors.

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