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IE4+ or NS4+
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The Conclusion

We hope that the revolutionary idea of solar-powered magnetically levitated train will give our society a cleaner environment by reducing the stress caused by the usage of non-renewable energy sources in transportation systems. Although it may be costly to place solar panels in an array along the tracks of the MagLev train, it is an investment that will return great dividends and benefits to both science and the environment.

Being able to harness energy directly from the Sun gives us great advantages and taps into virtually unlimited potential. Photovoltaics technology can be applied in almost any application, and whether it is used on Earth, in the sky, or even in space, it has proven time and time again to be the most promising answer to our energy-related needs. The market for renewable energy sources is on the verge of a boom, and solar power technology is right up there as the clean, convenient, and efficient solution of the future.


Glenforest Secondary School, Ontario, Canada
ISTF Project #02-541

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