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The Problem and the Solution

Photovoltaics technology is an exciting and promising field of science that deals with harnessing energy from the Sun. Our team believes that the solar cell, coupled with the revolutionary technology of magnetic levitation, can be a solution to the growing threat of excessive use of non-renewable energy sources in transportation. It is also a solution to the increasing rate of pollution around the world that affects the environment.

It is true that nobody can accurately predict the future, but one thing is for certain. SolaRail is a bold plan of action, and not impossible. You will see that in order for this idea to be put into practice, a lot of time and money will have to be invested, but major factors such as the rapid consumption of fossil fuels and increasing demands of an exponentially growing population will only lead to a flourishing market for renewable energy sources.

We, the Glenforest Internet Science and Technology Fair team, have conducted extensive research on MagLev trains and solar cells. Join us as we explore the history, applications, and future outlook for this area of technology that we believe has the potential to solve significant issues that are quickly becoming a growing concern in today’s society.


Glenforest Secondary School, Ontario, Canada
ISTF Project #02-541

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