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Linguistics at U of T

LIN 251: Intro to Sociolinguistics

Course expectations

Meeting time and place

In Fall 2016, LIN 251 meets on Mondays, 1:10-3:00, in Wilson (WI) 1016. (Map)

Additionally, you must enroll in and attend one of these tutorials.

TUT 0101Wednesday12:10-1:00UC 152 (UC )Julien
TUT 0201Wednesday1:10-2:00UC 85 (UC )Julien
TUT 0202Wednesday1:10-2:00UC 52 (UC )Shayna
TUT 0301Wednesday2:10-3:00UC 52 (UC )Shayna

Contacting the professor

Dr. Naomi Nagy, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics

Office: Sidney Smith 4070

Office hours

See my email address at bottom of page.

Please expect responses to email and phone messages only during normal business hours.

Please feel free to contact me outside of class if there is something you want to discuss or anything you don't understand. If you will miss class, get the homework AHEAD OF TIME so that you are not behind when you return. Arrange to get lecture notes from another student BEFORE coming to talk to me about what you missed.

Course expectations

Lecture and Tutorial participation: Theories, concepts, terms and examples will be presented and connected in lecture. In-class discussion and exercises will provide immediate opportunities to check comprehension in lecture. Activities and discussion in tutorial will deepen understanding and allow students to make connections among concepts as well as develop academic skills.

Blackboard: Readings, assignments, and information about the research project will be posted in Blackboard (   Check it before class each week for important information and to print out any handouts for class. Materials will be available at least 24 hours before class.

Assignments: There are homework assignments due as noted on the syllabus. This is where the real learning happens--when you get involved with the data and the theory. Homework assignments are posted in Blackboard and on this website.   It is your responsibility to hand in the assignments on time - a missed class is NOT an excuse for a late assignment.   Homework will be accepted early, but not late, unless you provide appropriate documentation to the professor for a valid reason within 48 hours of the due date. Assignments will be submitted through the Blackboard Portal, unless otherwise specified. Please make sure your full name is on the first page.

Reading: Readings are selected to expand on topics introduced in the textbook and introduce recent research in sociolinguistics. We will all discuss most readings in class. It is important to keep up with the reading: read the items listed on the syllabus by the date for which they are listed. This way, you can ask questions in class about anything that is not clear. Much of your grade is based on participation. Bring your textbook, articles and reading notes to class. Any material in assigned readings may appear on the midterm or final exam. Readings beyond the required textbook will be made available via Blackboard. Here is the course bibliography.

Grading: Your grade for the semester will be calculated as shown.

Category Due dates
Portion of final mark

4 Response assignments

(Your best 3 of 4 grades will be counted)

Response 1 - due Oct. 3
Response 2 - due Oct. 31
Response 3 - due Nov. 14
Response 4 - due Dec. 5
Other assignments Blackboard Survey - due Sept. 23
Project 2 Plan due Oct. 31
Research Projects Project 1 - due Oct. 17
Project 2 - due Nov. 30
Midterm Test Oct. 26
Final exam Monday, Dec. 12, 9:00-11:00am
Last names A-LI in SF 2202;
Last names LO-Z in SF 3202
Attendance and participation ongoing

Further information about course policies and procedures is available in Blackboard. Please read carefully.

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Updated Oct. 25, 2016

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