Naomi Nagy

Linguistics at U of T


This year's courses

In 2023-2024, I am not teaching any courses.

In 2024-2025, I will offer

LIN 351:
Sociolinguistic Patterns in Language

Other courses taught at U of T

LIN 199: Exploring Heritage Languages

LIN 200 Introduction to Language

LIN 201 Canadian English

LIN 251: Intro to Sociolinguistics

ROP 299/399 Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto

LIN 351: Sociolinguistic Patterns

LIN 456/1156: Language Variation and Change

LIN 1152: Variation and Contact Linguistics (Topics in Language Variation and Change, 2010)

LIN 1256: Sociophonetics (Advanced Language Variation, 2011)

LIN 1256: Contact, Context and Corpora (Advanced Language Variation, 2012)

LIN 1256: Language Contact, Corpora & Analysis (Advanced Language Variation, 2017)

LIN 1256: Language Contact, Corpora & Our Changing Society (Advanced Language Variation, 2021)

LIN 1256: Sociophonetics, Perception & Implicit Bias (Advanced Language Variation, 2022)

Prior teaching

I taught the following linguistics courses at the University of New Hampshire (1996-2008):

Intro to Linguistics (LING/ENGL 405)

Language Matters in America (LING/ENGL 444F Honors)

Intermediate Linguistic Analysis (LING /ENGL 605)

Sociolinguistics Survey (LING/ENGL 719/819)

Linguistic Field Methods (LING/ENGL 779/879)

Language Variation in Canada (LING/ENGL 790/890)

Historical Romance Linguistics (LING/ENGL 790/890 / ITAL 733)

Languages in Contact (LING/ENGL 790/890)

Phonetics and Phonology (LING / ENGL 793/893)

See cv for courses taught at U Penn, Dartmouth College, and Victoria University Wellington (NZ).

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