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Linguistics at U of T

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LIN 456 & 1156:
Language Variation and Change

Course description

Students will acquire understanding of and skills in quantitative analysis of language variation and change. Using techniques introduced and discussed in class, you will carry out a research project, from sample design and organization, to data analysis and interpretation. Analysis of languages in addition to English will be encouraged.

This course will be conducted as a workshop. Regular assignments will lead you through the step-by-step procedures for conducting research in the variationist paradigm. Assigned readings will support and elaborate on theory, techniques and practices. In many classes we will work hands-on with ELAN, R and Rbrul. Questions, problems and discussion will be based on students' experience in completing the assignments. You will be expected to bring questions on your research in progress to class. The final paper will be a formal written synthesis of the work you have done during the term. It will challenge you to interpret and synthesize the experience and knowledge you gained from the course. Some work may be conducted in small groups, in which all students in a group will share the same mark.

Data files and assignments will be submitted electronically. Please read further information about course policies and procedures in Quercus.

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Updated August 28, 2018.

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