Linguistics at U of T

A sample of MA Papers from students in the UNH Graduate Program in Languages & Linguistics

Tricia Irwin. "Non-inflectional word formation in distributed morphology: Featuring synthetic compounds" (2006, Lieber)
Malena Roberge."Phonetic aspects of language change in the speech of Argentines living in the United States" (2005, Nagy)
Stephanie Garrone Pelhe. "Grammar correction and instruction in English composition courses" (2004, P. Matusda)
  Joleen Hanson. "Private Thoughts in a Public Language: The Private Diary Assignment in the ESL Classroom." (2004, P. Matusda)
Lisa Hughes. "Technology and early literacy in ESL students" (2004, Clark)

Jay Seger. "The way it sounds out loud: The Importance of prosodic perception and performance in spoken and printed prose" (2003, Nagy)

Amy Roth.  "Cross-cultural composition" (2003, P. Matsuda)

Aviva Dreisinger. "Accounting for Second Language Proficiency Levels: A Case Study" (2003, Clark)

Nathan Vooge. "When Earlier may not be Better in Yap, Micronesia: Delayed L2 Introduction in Indigenous Language Curricula" (2003, Clark)

Oksana Sergeyeva. "An ESL Course for Au Pair Exchange Program Participants Coming to the USA: Language Through Culture" (2003, Clark)

Heather Anderson. "Linguistic Aspects of Legal Language: How to Improve Jury Instructions" (2002, A. Matsuda)

Samuel Forter. "The Power of Song: Using Songs to Achieve Fluency in English as a Second Language." (2002, Clark)

Megan Donnelly. "Temporal Morphology and Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study of Three Speakers of English as a Second Language" (2002, Clark)

Joshua Wilson. "Using Film in the ESL Classroom" (2002, Clark)

Georgina Fekete. "Small scale research on regional influences on word choices in Hungarian" (2001, Nagy)

Natalya Moskalenko. "Teaching Russian to American Students: Theory and Methods" (2001, Clark)

Olga (Demin) Lambert. "Bridging the Gap (freshman composition for ESL students)" (2000, A. Matsuda)

Yekaterina Olkina. "Teaching English to Russian Students" (2000, Clark)

Gary Cilley. "Bracketing Paradoxes" (1998, Lieber)

Barbara Dorsett. "Learner's Dictionaries and the ESL Student" (1998, Clark)

Nancy Hubbe. "Auxiliary Selection in the French Passé Composé" (1998, Lieber)

Apiradee Poompanich. "Teaching English Composition to Thai University Students" (1998, Clark)

Yoko Tezuka. "A Contrastive Study of English and Japanese Politeness" (1998, Clark)



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