Tuesday, October 26, 2004


nothing to say.....therefore here is a post from ranu sing- a-songa:

My name is Phiips Thomas Benjamin....Main duniya mein akayla hoon.
On another thought, it's starting to get cold...so we should all make sure we park our cars backwords on our driveways so that we don't have to back outta our driveways in the morning with our not yet fully defrost back windshields....Anyways, that's my public announcement on behalf of the Issurance Agency of Brampton (tf).

tf=twiddling fingers.
lkb=lao karlo baat.
tt=twiddling toes (only to be done under dire circumstances)
...and G...'bumb-ass' is not a diss.

later, stay tuned to my posts coming in the following weeks...



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