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Ricky Lau’s Reads

Reads consist of literature of which Ricky Lau authored during his enrollment in University of Toronto and Sheridan College’s joint program CCIT (Communication, Culture, and Info. Technology; 2009—2013), including essay “Automobility’s Essentialness” (2012), report “Redesigning the Household Dishwasher” (2012) and analysis “Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well and the Text” (2012).

Lau encountered countless intriguing literature in academia, for instance:
● Pink, Daniel. A Whole New Mind. Riverhead Books, 2005.
● Larsen, Nella. Passing. Knopf, 1929.
● Maich, Steve and Lianne George. The Ego Boom: Why the World Really Does Revolve Around You. Key Porter Books, 2009.
● Norman, Don. The Design of Everyday Things. Basic Books, 1988.
● many philosophical literature, including:
     – Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Portable Nietzsche. Penguin Books, 1977.
     – Allegory of the Cave
     – brain in a vat
     – Pascal's Wager
     – philosophical zombie
and more in his everyday life, such as:
● Piven, Joshua and David Borgenicht. The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Chronicle Books, 1999.

Despite Lau's radiance in the McDonalds’s Restaurant of Star House, Lau rarely indulges in fast food, including those served by McDonald’s. Aside from the several donut takeouts at Tim Hortons during intermissions of three-hour classes, he fails to remember the last time of which he independently, individually, and voluntarily purchased fast food. His disinterest in fast food and the sedentary lifestyle, as well as interest in physical exercise, are probably triggered by 2004 American documentary Super Size Me.