The Brunson's of Ryde and Rama Townships, Ontario


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The Brunson clan of interest here immigrated into Ontario from the Quebec/Vermont area around 1880.

They settled near Lewisham in Ryde Township, then re-located to Cooper's Falls Road, Rama Township in 1889.

This site contains a large number of images, where possible they have been sorted and linked to people, places and events in the story. Categories of images can also be selected from the sidebar menu. The "Image Index" is an unsorted compendium of all images on the site.

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Any inscription on the back of the original photograph has been transcribed as text below the photo.

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Where the subject is known photos are named according to the people in them from left to right, unknown people are represented by an _x_.

A number of people are unidentified in photographs, if you know who they are please e-mail us.

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Richard J Mount, January 2003