JPG 1804 Space, Power, Geography
Our understanding of space and power has shifted radically in the past half century with emphasis on  non-dialectical conceptions of power in the writings of Deleuze, Foucault and attendant influences of Spinoza, Nietzsche and others.. We no longer think solely in terms of how power organizes space from the body to the globe; we also think about power in terms of space -- power as fields, zones, limit conditions, nodes, horizons and thresholds; and space in terms of power -- as sites, folds, striations, et cetera.
JPG 1506 State, Space, Difference
In this course we look the ways difference has been conceptualized and the changing relationship of the state and governance to the constitution or constraint of difference in its various forms. [JPG1506S.doc] About the readings.doc
PLA 1503 Planning and Social Policy
In this course we examine shifts in social policy from the rhetoric of entitlement to that of responsibility; from the intended universality of  the Keynesian welfare state to the rise of neo-liberalism and downloading of responsibilities to cities, communities and families.  The course is a combination of a theoretically oriented seminar discussion around gendered, racialized and regionalized implications of the new policy context and a practice oriented intervention in which students will produce a policy report connected to one of the communities in the GTA